Just Dance

Before I begin, let me just say that I LOVE technology. Technology allows me to wake up on a Lazy Saturday to Good Day Sunshine playing on my iPhone and stay snuggled up while I write this post. Amazing.

Over the last year I have been attending a couple free dance classes here in the Salt Lake Valley.

I have always loved to dance. I could follow okay and I knew that I wanted to get better, but I could never afford the classes that were available to me.

Within the first weeks of arriving in Salt Lake I was invited to a dance and dinner at the Salt Palace. I am always astounded by the way simple choices can have a lasting impact on my life. Through the connections I made at that dance I was able learn about the two classes that I now attend and acquaintances from that evening have become some of my dearest friends.

Last night, just a little over a year after attending my first dance lesson here in the valley, I went to one of the local social dance halls. For the first time since I began dancing, I didn’t feel like I had two left feet. I learned some new technique that made a difference almost immediately, I didn’t worry about the steps and had fun instead.

Do you want to know what the best part is? I was CONFIDENT. I couldn’t have cared less how many times I got asked to dance, and I didn’t worry what I looked like or about messing up when I did dance. I loved each moment with every friend and I enjoyed every dance. Somehow every worry, every problem in my life just melted away for a few hours and I was just me. No strings attached.

When I am learning new things in dance and in life, I often hyper focus on how I’m ‘supposed’ to do it and I let the things that I get wrong throw me off and shadow what I get right. I get self-conscious, I get frustrated with my mistakes, and that ends up creating more problems.

If I take anything away from last night, I need to remember to not worry so much and Just Dance.

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What is the one thing that takes all your cares away?