A Little Fall of Rain

I’d like to make a small interjection and thank my wonderful sister for supporting me by continuing to submit. I’d also like to renew the invitation for all of you to send in your stories and blurbs.  Share your light places with us, and help us illuminate your dark ones.

“A Little Fall of Rain” — Submitted by Mikaela

There’s a chill and steady rain sweeping through my sweet little Buena Vista. It’s been coming down for two days. It’s the kind of rain that makes a person forget that there is sunshine. When this rain falls there has never been any sun, and there never will be–the word “sun” ceases to have meaning. Yet, as there is no opposition, there is nothing to regret. And so the rain comes slowly, and the air I breathe out slowly becomes more gray. My soul grows a wistful longing. Not for incredible adventures or dramatic horizons, but for a star. To know where true north is, to see my star and to follow it into the disappearing distance of time. To wear out my life reaching for that unreachable star.  My song of the week is from Dar Williams.

Oh my fair North Star
I have held to you dearly
I had asked you to steer me
‘Til one cloud-scattered night

I got lost in my travels
I met Leo the lion
Met a king and met a giant
With their errant light

There’s the wind and the rain
And the mercy of the fallen
Who say they have no claim to know what’s right

The rain falls, I fall.  Every day, many times, I fall.  Then, with a pearly pre-dawn study of the words of prophets, I find my North Star. A star that is always true north and always with me.  The rain still falls, I am still fallen, but I claim the mercy for the fallen.  I do claim to know what’s right.  In my next exhalation the gray has turned to silver.